How Many People Have Long-Term Sexual Relationships?

Being in a long-term relationship means a lot. It would be due to your same interests and ideals in life that make it survive long. Though one question will keep rising, what does sex mean in a long-term relationship? Is it still going smoothly or is it already facing some issues?

What does Sex Mean in a Relationship?

They say that sexual relationship is built up through time. Having sex has proven its way of generally improving relationships. Sexual satisfaction contributes to good and happy relationships. It repels out negative effects in a relationship as it fixes communication problems. Yes, you could say that actions speak louder than words, and it may apply to building communication through sex.

An active sexual relationship gives a relationship a bit of stability making it survive and last long. Some studies state that having less sex than you desire will lead to an unstable relationship, and much worse, a breakup.

Long-Term Sexual Relationship: How Many Survived?

One factor is seen for a long-term relationship indeed is how active their sex life could be. Studies show that satisfaction in a happy and healthy relationship is brought mainly by active sex life, and how often they engage in it. Almost 70% of couples survive a long-term sexual relationship though it changes through time.

Mood? It depends. People will always have a desire to have sex even if they are not in the mood. There are hidden desires in every person, it will wake up even if they don’t mean to. So some might say, being in a long-term relationship, will decrease the sex drive. But this might break your prejudice about it.

There are different types of desires: spontaneous and responsive. Try assessing what you have among them:

  • Spontaneous – a desire that randomly makes people in the mood on having sex before any physical stimulation take place
  • Responsive – kicks in when physically aroused

In a long-term relationship, it would not mean that regular sex is needed. What makes it last longer is understanding the needs of one another, enjoying while you’re at it, and also you could spend some time reading the situation.

It does not mean that you will not enjoy sex once you are having it, but always keep an open mindset about what your partner needs to get you physically attracted and have the feel of having sex. Be understanding since there is always a factor that your partner declines, and you must know about it since you survived long enough to understand each other.

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